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Proprietary microscopic ALUMINUM nano-particle rods called "ADJUVANTS"  are put into vaccines to FORCE the immune system to make antibodies to the small amounts of virus or bacteria fragments of diseases put into the vaccine. These Proprietary Aluminum Adjuvant nano-particles have now been Found, Identified, and Confirmed inside human T-Cells of vaccinated Americans. In the case of the GARDASIL HPV vaccine that contains proteins from 4 STD's, the immune system is hyper-sensitized over 100 times by these ALUMINUM adjuvants, and can make antibodies to EVERY VIRUS IN YOUR BODY.  The ALUMINUM ADJUVANTS in the GARDASIL HPV vaccine cause your immune system to reach full, 104-fold antibody production 7 MONTHS AFTER YOU RECEIVE THE SHOT! Since the HPV16-L1 Protein is a 29.6% ALIGNMENT (genetic match) to Hair Keratin (hair keratin is also used by the body to make hard tooth enamel), girls and boys do not report hair loss and increased cavities until months after receiving the GARDASIL HPV vaccine.

The microscopic nano-particles of Aluminum are greatly different from the large ALUMINUM compounds found in nature. These super small microscopic crystalline rod vaccine adjuvants are grown in a laboratory, and can cause autoimmune disease and the type of chronic inflammation that results in cancer.  Cervical Cancer is now found among pre-teens and teens who received the Gardasil HPV vaccine, but who never had sex. "ADVENTITIOUS AGENTS" is the secret pharmaceutical name for "VACCINE CONTAMINATION."  ADVENTITIOUS AGENTS could be pieces of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, or HPV DNA, animal vaccine cross-contamination from other vaccines or medicines, or bacteria fragments, or small slivers of glass or metal shavings from the manufacturing process that could be costly to remove. ADVENTITIOUS AGENTS contaminants do not have to be listed on a vaccine, thanks to lawyers like KENNETH FRAZIER, CEO for MERCK PHARMACEUTICALS.

If your infant or toddler is injured by a vaccine, your pediatrician will typically diagnose your child with a disorder such as "AUTISM."

"CONVERSION DISORDER" is the label applied to teens and pre-teens when a vaccine causes health problems. Your pediatrician will typically tell you that vaccines cannot possibly cause harm, and your child is imagining all of their symptoms, or the doctor's office might even blame YOU for making your child sick (Munchausen Syndrome). In this manner, your insurance company probably does not cover mental problems, and will take them off your insurance, and you alone will be left to pay for your child's medical bills and suffering. 

Because Americans were winning million dollar lawsuits in court due to defective vaccines, pharmaceutical companies and their lawyers "persuaded" members of the U. S. government to pass laws preventing Americans from suing pharmaceutical companies.  As of 1986, you cannot sue a pharmaceutical company when their vaccines cause Autism, Autoimmune disease, or death. click here for short video.

MERCK, the company that was found guilty by U.S. COURTS of causing


Zach before Gardasil  Zach was 18 when he was persuaded to get his first GARDASIL HPV Vaccine, which has a high profit margin for Pediatricians.  Zach is now 20, and has difficulty walking, possibly due to doctors at Kaiser Permanente in California, who allowed his vitamin D levels to slip far below the critical 30 nanograms per milliliter needed to keep minerals in his bones and spinal column.

  A medical explanation of how the Genetically Modified Gardasil HPV vaccine targets Irish, Scotts, English, Germans, Danes, and other Northern and Western Europeans who carry the HLA-DR, DQ, B27, or similar genetic Haplotypes:

Zach's story, plus hundreds more, can be found here: Sanevax website

April 27, 2016: A Mumps outbreak is quickly spreading through kids at Harvard College who received the MMR childhood vaccine. No mumps occurred in kids who were not vaccinated. The MMR vaccine will reportedly not prevent Mumps, but may reduce the severity of the virus for most. Unfortunately, 1 out of 8 kids vaccinated with MMR reportedly DO NOT develop any immunity (antibodies) to Mumps from the MMR vaccine.  The MMR vaccine takes away life-long immunity to mumps, and replaces it with temporary antibodies against only one strain. This causes the Mumps virus to MUTATE into MULTIPLE different strains, become  virulent, and rapidly spread out of control. Only unvaccinated kids can develop life-long immunity to Mumps.

The ZEKA VIRUS has been around for centuries. MICROCEPHALY in Brazil is the result of the recent MASS VACCINATION of pregnant women.  In 1926, Gaston Ramon, one of the founders of modern vaccines, who coined the term "adjuvant," warned about vaccinating when an infection was present, because it causes an unpredictably high immune response. This vaccine-induced response appears to disrupt human SEMAPHORIN-3A, NBS1, etc., which are responsible for AXON and NEURON growth in the BRAIN, plus much more.


Perhaps you've heard that there is no link between vaccines and Autism.  Poul Thorsen, lead researcher responsible for this statement, has now been indicted for embezzling around,000,000.00 of taxpayer money from the CDC, and buying a new house, 2 cars, and a Harley Motorcycle.  The money was supposed to be spent on research to prove that vaccines don't cause Autism. Paul Offit, whose Rototec Vaccine was pulled by the FDA for causing Autism, based his reputation on this bogus research:

United States Department of Justice Seal

April 13, 2011

CONTACT: Patrick Crosby
FAX (404)581-6160

Thorsen Allegedly Absconded With Over Million

ATLANTA, GA - POUL THORSEN, 49, of Denmark, has been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of wire fraud and money laundering based on a scheme to steal grant money the CDC had awarded to governmental agencies in Denmark for autism research.

United States Attorney Sally Quillian Yates said of the case, “Grant money for disease research is a precious commodity. When grant funds are stolen, we lose not only the money, but also the opportunity to better understand and cure debilitating diseases. This defendant is alleged to have orchestrated a scheme to steal over million in CDC grant money earmarked for autism research. We will now seek the defendant’s extradition for him to face federal charges in the United States.”

“Stealing research grant money to line his pockets, as Poul Thorsen stands accused of here today, cheats U.S. taxpayers and will simply not be tolerated,” said Derrick L. Jackson, Special Agent in Charge of the Atlanta Region for the Office of Inspector General of the Department of Health & Human Services. “HHS/OIG will continue to work closely with our law enforcement partners to bring these criminals to justice.”  Read the full press release from the Department Of Justice:


Boycott CHOP (Children's Hospital Of Pennsylvania)

CHOP is Killing Kids by endorsing "FAKE" Immunologist MELVIN COHN

Melvin Cohn

CHOP, via Dr. Paul Offit, tells parents that vaccinating an infant with 10,000 or even 100,000 vaccines is safe because Prof. Melvin Cohn says they are. MELVIN COHN is a "THEORETICAL IMMUNOLOGIST" who feels physical proof is unnecessary, because he thought the problem through in his mind.

MELVIN COHN IS A FRAUD from the first day he allowed Dr. PAUL OFFIT to quote his work, and apply it to the American Vaccination Schedule without any real-world testing.


South Korea Traded Measles for Autism:
1 in 38 Schoolchildren now have Autism after Measles Vaccinations




VACCINES+US HEALTHCARE, = Autism & Infant Mortality
 ©LWP 2015
Vaccinations before age 5
Deaths per 1000 Live Births
(CIA Factbook)
Deaths per 1000
 Under 5 yrs old
Lifespan Ranking
Lifespan Ranking
2012 (wiki)
CUBA 11 4.70 n/a 1 in 60,000 - - 79.4 yrs
Iceland 11 3.15 3.9 1 in 1,100 1 3 83.3 yrs
Sweden 11 2.60 4.0 1 in 862 2 8 83.0 yrs
Japan 11 2.13 4.2 1 in 475 4 1 84.6 yrs
Denmark 12 4.10 5.8 1 in 2,200 18 36 79.5 yrs
Norway 13 2.48 4.4 1 in 2,000 5 13 81.9 yrs
United States 36 6.17 7.8 1 in 91  ­ 34 39 ¯ 79.8 yrs­
South Korea 36 3.93 n/a 1 in 38  - - 81.0 yrs









Is the MMR vaccine killing Dolphins, Whales, and Turtles off the Atlantic Coast?

1) Freshly vaccinated kids poop out contagious Rubella virus (Measles)

2) Contagious Rubella ends up in oceans from sewage outflow pipes and cruise ships

3) Measles virus is grown in the lab at 86 F to keep it from growing in kids

4) The waters off Florida, the Gulf, and the Caribbean are mostly at or near 86 F

5) Plankton eat Measles infected waste

6) Dolphins, Whales, and Turtles eat plankton and are beaching themselves in record numbers and dying of Measles Virus

7) The Measles virus (Morbillivirus) was never seen in marine life UNTIL AFTER THE MMR VACCINE WAS DEVELOPED IN 1980s.




1 in 38 Sout Korean Schoolchildren Have AUTISM After Mandated MMR Vaccinations

JANUARY 19, 2014: FRESHLY VACCINATED CHILDREN SHED MEASLES VIRUS STRAIN FROM MMR VACCINE AND CAUSE MEASLES OUTBREAK IN CALIFORNIA - CDC does damage control by blaming unvaccinated kids for catching proprietary strain of measles being spread by CONTAGIOUS VACCINATED KIDS!!!


MUMPS OUTBREAK in FULLY VACCINATED NHL Hockey Players in 2014 (they were up-to-date on their booster shots) - CDC can't blame unvaccinated kids

Brazilian doctors are successfully treating vasculitis and performing brain surgery to remove blood clots in children vaccinated with GARDASIL, the DEFECTIVE HPV VACCINE, while American Pediatricians, Doctors, and Hospitals, such as CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL OF PENNSYLVANIA, abandon and deny treatment to children injured by MERCK'$ vaccine, then BURY THEIR MISTAKES.

Rafaella Barbosa de Oliveira lives in Resende, RJ, Brazil. She was thirteen years old when she got her first Gardasil shot.  Read what happened to this formerly healthy girl

When a British Company named "POWDERMED" announced that they had perfected a safe way of vaccinating children, and it didn't cause Autism, PFIZER Pharmaceuticals bought the company in 2006, and quietly closed it down at the end of 2008.  POWDERMED used only 1/1000th of the material used in today's needle and syringe vaccinations:  PowderMed Ltd - A WORLD-CLASS IMMUNOTHERAPEUTICS COMPANY

MERCK and PFIZER have replaced Tobacco brands such as MARLBORO and CAMELS. Just like the Tobacco Industry denied the connection between cancer and smoking, the Pharmaceutical Industry has enough money, lawyers, and government agencies (FDA & CDC) to deny the link between Vaccines and Autism, Asthma, Leukemia, Autoimmune Disease, and much more. Vaccine manufacturers are responsible for laws that prevent Americans from suing (they have to use VAERS), and the manufacturers pay the FDA directly for new drug approvals. 
P.S. Unknown to many Americans, the Federal Government (HHS) holds many vaccine patents, including the contaminated Gardasil HPV vaccine targets many children of Irish, English, German, Scandinavian, Australian, and other ancestry who carry Haplotypes such as HLA-DRB1/DQ/DR/B-27, and makes them very sick with multiphasic symptoms resembling Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis:  

Vaccines containing blood products may have spread an Epidemic of Diabetes and Obesity around the world by way of a newly discovered virus.
Parts of human blood have been used in vaccines for decades. In July of 2014, a new virus was discovered in over half of the people tested. We have now learned that this stomach virus is believed to play a key role in the spread of Diabetes and Obesity. The virus may have been transmitted to millions of people throughout the world by blood transfusion and by using contaminated blood products in modern day vaccines.
We now have a possible cause for the epidemic of Diabetes and Obesity: Your family Pediatrician! Lawyers may soon be advertising Class Action Lawsuits, right after the Flu Shot commercials on television.
This is a prime example of "vaccine theory" surpassing the reality of "vaccine science" in the form of an undiscovered virus that has now contaminated half the human population, which may have been spread by vaccines.

The terms "PRO-VAX" and "ANTI-VAX" is a Pharmaceutical "divide and conquer" ADVERTISING strategy to divert attention away from the fact that vaccines cause autism, as documented by Peer Reviewed and Published Abstracts.

Paul Offit
"Doctor" PAUL OFFIT - World's Biggest Autism FK-up
Many parents trusted Dr. Paul Offit with their child's life, only to find their child died or acquired Vaccine-Induced Autism. Paul Offit is a doctor who co-invented "RotaTeq," a Rotavirus vaccine which the CDC has found to kill children by way of Intussusception, a medical condition in which the intestine folds backs upon itself. Since most of the immune cells in the human body are located in the gut, this is prime documented evidence that vaccines can be responsible for malabsorption phase of Autism, in which the epithelial lining of the gut becomes inflamed, and necessary nutrients and anti-inflammatories may not be sufficiently absorbed. The United States is one of only 3 major countries in the world that vaccinates against the Rotaviru$. The FDA has confirmed it to be contaminated with Pig Viruses - Porcine Circovirus #1 (PCV-1) and Porcine Circovirus #2 (PCV-2). 
Note: The human host may respond to Pig Viruses through a process called "molecular mimicry," and because pig DNA is close to human DNA, the human immune system may then ATTACK human tissue, resulting in what is called an "autoimmune disease."
MERCK Pharmaceuticals, who DIRECTLY pays the FDA for approving new drugs, makes and distributes the RotaTeq vaccine for Dr. Paul Offit. MERCK, the company that paid out Millions because one of its last major drugs, VIOXX, was found to have caused 27,000 heart attacks in a court of law.

On March 11, 2009, Scott S. Reuben, former Chief of Acute Pain at Baystate Medical Center, Springfield, Mass., revealed that data for 21 studies he had authored for the efficacy of VIOXX (along with other drugs such as CELECOBIX) had been fabricated in order to make the pain-releving effects of the drugs look much better than they actually were.

MERCK currently makes GARDASIL, a DNA contaminated HPV vaccine that has killed over 100 children, and sent 10s of thousands to hospital Emergency Rooms.  Just like the contaminated Polio vaccine that was given to an estimated 63 Million Americans for "THE GREATER GOOD," even though government health officials knew it was contaminated with the Cancer-causing SV-40 virus that can be found in many tumor (cancer) biopsies today, the contaminated RotaTeq vaccine is reportedly still being distributed today, because it earned 2 Million Dollars (in 2009), so MERCK can afford to pay off the parents of dead children who bring a lawsuit. RotaTeq causes a condition in the intestines which is life threatening and has killed.  The body may also stop producing sufficient nutrients needed for proper neuron and axon growth, which will then cause Autism.
But the best is yet to come: The "Immunologist" Paul Offit used as a reference for his claim that a child can receive multiple vaccines (
doi: 10.1542/peds.109.1.124) is a "CONCEPTUAL IMMUNOLOGY GROUP" college professor named MELVIN COHN. 


Melvin Cohn

MELVIN COHN: "THEORY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE EXPERIMENT" (tell that to all the mothers of autistic and dead vaccinated children.  This is the man on which Dr. Paul Offit bases his vaccine safety rants.) The TITANIC was a THEORETICALLY perfect ship on paper, but sank on its maiden voyage under real-world conditions.


Melvin Cohn's Salk Institute faculty page clearly states as of September 25, 2014: "His investigations are theoretical and deal with the evolutionary selection pressures that shape the immune system."  In the past, Melvin proudly has stated: "While other Immunologists use Petri Dishes, I use my brain." Melvin's HYPOTHETICAL Laws of Vaccination are all HYPOTHETICAL, and apply ONLY to a HYPOTHETICALLY perfect human immune system, within a HYPOTHETICALLY perfect body, living in a HYPOTHETICALLY perfect environment without germs, eating a HYPOTHETICALLY perfect diet. 
Paul Offit does not live in the REAL WORLD like the rest of the Human Race. Real children are not genetically perfect, or live in a perfect environment away from germs, and they certainly don't eat a perfect diet.  Paul Offit made the FRAUDULENT statement that an infant can safely receive 10,000 or even 100,000 vaccinations.  This QUACK statement is proudly displayed on the CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL OF PENNSYLVANIA website.  I would strongly urge everyone who values their child's life to stay far away from CHOP.  P.S.  10,000 vaccines is 5 liters of fluid, which would kill an infant. Paul Offit is Vaccine Education Director for CHOP. In the real world, if a child receives a vaccination, it is typically 0.5 milliliters.
0.5 milliliters x 10,000 vaccine doses = 5 LITERS of vaccine, or about 1.3  U. S. GALLONS. The addition of multiple vaccines violates one of the primary rules of immunization discovered by RAMON et al, 1926, that states that the addition of bacteria, viruses, or other pathogens to a vaccine (described as "infections") will make the immune response much greater (unpredictable). Recombinant vaccines (MMR, HiB, Gardasil HPV vaccine, etc.) can also have dangerous side effects, due to the mandatory use of very potent aluminum adjuvants (
The Genetically Modified Organisms GMO) in an estimated 70% of the food we eat contains substances that cause cancer, birth defects, and even death.  Several 14 yr old schoolchildren developed testicular cancer and one died, after playing in a schoolyard where chicken manure was dumped to keep the grass green.  In reality, the schoolyard was used as a dumping ground for arsenic-containing poop from the chickens, and arsenic makes chickens put on weight quickly. Some chickens cannot even stand on up, but they sure bring top-dollar at the $upermarket. 

FDA/CDC/HHS Making Money on AUTISM - Found Holding Patents to U.S. Vaccines and other Drugs, INCLUDING HPV VACCINE.  Millions of parents are being told that their child's Fatigue / Joint Pain / Poor Memory / Digestive Problems / Headaches / Hair Loss / Etc., is all in their head (Conversion Disorder). If your Pediatrician is telling this to you or your friends, he's simply covering his ass because he gave your child the DEFECTIVE GARDASIL HPV VACCINE
MERCK Pharmaceuticals CEO KENNETH FRAZIER Lies To Columbian Officials After Hundreds of Freshly HPV Vaccinated Girls are taken to Emergency Rooms. MERCK's GARDASIL HPV VACCINE is Killing and Maiming Children, just like MERCK's defective VIOXX drug that caused 27,000 Heart Attacks in Adults.

Kenneth Frazier is a Lawyer and head of MERCK Pharmaceuticals.
He is best known for his legal work for EXXON MOBIL and the EXXON-VALDEZ oil tanker
that spilled millions of barrels in Alaska. Frazier helped save MERCK millions of dollars by
forcing the 27,000 families who suffered Heart Attacks because of VIoXX to litigate separately,
instead of a class action. This forced many widows out of any lawsuit, because they couldn't
afford an attorney after their spouse was killed by another defective product from MERCK.
Confirmed in France, May 2014:
how many others?
NON-B Conformation PROVEN in above vaccine

Trends Biochem Sci. 2007 Jun;32(6):271-8. Epub 2007 May 9.

Wells RD.

Erratum in

  • Trends Biochem Sci. 2007 Sep;32(9):399.


Recent discoveries have revealed that simple repeating DNA sequences, which are known to adopt non-B DNA conformations (such as triplexes, cruciforms, slipped structures, left-handed Z-DNA and tetraplexes), are mutagenic. The mutagenesis is due to the non-B DNA conformation rather than to the DNA sequence per se in the orthodox right-handed Watson-Crick B-form. The human genetic consequences of these non-B structures are approximately 20 neurological diseases, approximately 50 genomic disorders (caused by gross deletions, inversions, duplications and translocations), and several psychiatric diseases involving polymorphisms in simple repeating sequences. Thus, the convergence of biochemical, genetic and genomic studies has demonstrated a new paradigm implicating the non-B DNA conformations as the mutagenesis specificity determinants, not the sequences as such.

PMID:  17493823  [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Copyright © 2004,.... 2014 by Lloyd W. Phillips, with the help of Eric Phillips.
A special thanks to the Florida Law Firm of LEVINE & GLASSMAN


If you are a physician in need of further information, including a recovery protocol,
you may call Lloyd Phillips at 336-600-1055, or Email:

 Gardasil Syndrome, a.k.a. Vaccine Syndrome, a.k.a. Gulf War Syndrome, a.k.a. Phillip-Offit-Wakefield Syndrome, with similar symptoms found in Lyme Disease and Autism: Top Symptoms:

1) Fatigue; 2) Pain: headache, stomach, or joints; 3) Lightheadedness upon standing (POTS); 4) Flares of inflammation, nausea, and Lupus-like symptoms plus possible Ankylosing Spondylitis if HLA-B27 gene mutation is present; 5) Irritability & Short Temper; 6) Memory Loss & Inability to concentrate; 7) Increased sensitivity to light and/or loud sounds, smells, foods; 8) Eczema, acne, hives, rashes, ITP; 9) Multiple Vector-borne pathogens, such as Lyme-related infections and co-infections may typically be present;  10) Unskilled doctors may typically tell you it's all in your head (Conversion Disorder); 11) Histamine Intolerance, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Gastroparesis, plus Thyroid and Gallbladder disorders have been observed when left untreated.

Tests Required: 1) Comprehensive Cytokine Panel (NeuroScience Panel #5086); look for LPS Stimulated Cytokines to be typically greater than 50% below gate; 2) LabCorp #HNK1.  NK-CD57 counts will typically be FAR BELOW gate (absolute counts greater than or equal to 63), with many absolute count results falling at or below 22


Four Year Analysis of Adverse Reactions to the Gardasil HPV Vaccine

by Lloyd W. Phillips

Copyright ©2013 Lloyd W. Phillips


Prolonged inflammation initiated by powerful vaccine adjuvants such as Amorphous Aluminum Hydroxyphosphate Sulfate (AAHS), may be life-threatening and/or result in cognitive and motor skill disorders in those individuals with multiple genetic mutations which affect:

1) Transsulfuration (such as CBS 699t),

2) Glutathione production and utilization (such as GSTM1), and

3) Pathogen Load (such as HLA-DR15).

Although other mutations may contribute to the cascade noir of debilitating events, such as C282Y, which is associated with Hemochromatosis, the above three genetic conditions formed the core group in this study.

Concomitant (multiple) vaccinations may increase the severity of adverse reactions.



Physical Activity as a Risk Factor for an Adverse Vaccine Reaction

We observed that children who appeared to be very healthy prior to receiving the Gardasil HPV vaccine, and were the most physically active following the vaccination (participated in sports, cheerleading, dancing, biking, skating, or other physical activity), suffered the most severe debilitating symptoms, possibly due to the increased distribution of the vaccine throughout their body due to increased circulation from exercise.

Syncope / Fainting

We observed that Syncope (fainting), following the Gardasil HPV vaccine, may be the result of an acute allergic reaction.  Dr. L.C., received the Gardasil HPV vaccine in 2006 while attending medical school.  She returned to class after receiving the HPV vaccine, and lost consciousness. Her vitals were taken, and it was documented that her blood pressure had plummeted to a life-threatening 50/32.  We hypothesize this "fainting" was due to an acute allergy-related response to the yeast associated components in the vaccine, which resulted in a massive histamine release from eosinophils and mast cells. This elevated histamine quickly dilated blood vessels, and appears to be the cause for the drop in blood pressure. We suspect that these children may not have been properly screened for an allergy to mold and other members of the Fungal Kingdom. Fortunately she did not drive home after her vaccination and die in a car crash. Warnings were not issued until three years later (2009). 

Head Pressure (acute)

The majority of children who develop debilitating and/or life threatening conditions reported severe head pressure within one or two hours of receiving the HPV vaccine.  Those who received concomitant vaccines appeared to have a quicker onset of new medical conditions after just one or two HPV vaccinations.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D levels appear to plummet (25 Hydroxy Vitamin D) in this group following the administration of the Gardasil HPV vaccination.

Intracellular Magnesium

Intracellular magnesium quickly becomes depleted following administration of the Gardasil HPV vaccine. However, serum magnesium typically remains on the low side of lab normal.

Magnesium and the "Fight or Flight" Response

Our findings indicate that the immune system may not be capable of distinguishing between fear and the inflammation caused by aluminum adjuvants in modern vaccines. Both events were observed to trigger the "Fight or Flight" response, which forced the subject to excrete magnesium. 

The human body uses magnesium in the production of about 300 different enzymes. When intracellular (within the cell) magnesium becomes depleted, it is virtually always missed by doctors who look at serum (blood) magnesium. Every cell in the body will contribute its last bit of magnesium to keep the heart pumping. We observed multiple symptoms of a magnesium deficiency: muscle jerks and spasms; pain; irritability; newly acquired panic disorders; heart arrhythmias; headache; and more. Low magnesium may result in personality changes and irritability. One mother described her daughter as the "she bitch from hell" since receiving the Gardasil HPV Vaccine.

Since many cycles fail (methylation, H3K4 Trimethylation, etc.), we observed that it was necessary to administer some vitamins in their active form to maintain proper serum levels. This was especially true of Vitamins B6 and B12.

Symptoms of Vitamin B1 Deficiency (Beriberi): Thiamine tetrahydrofurfuryl disulfide

Although many of the subjects received Vitamin B1 supplements, we observed many symptoms of a Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) Deficiency. Thiamine is involved in a variety of glucose metabolism-related and neurological functions, including the making of myelin. Many symptoms of the B1 Deficiency decreased when Thiamine tetrahydrofurfuryl disulfide (TTFD) was administered. Allithiamine is one alternative name for TTFD, a fat-soluble form of Vitamin B1.

We acknowledge the observed genetic deficit(s) in the Transsulfuration Cycle due to the CBS gene, and confirm the findings of DETH R et al, Thomson, and others who documented that oxidative stress plays a critical role in the utilization of Thiamine in the human body.

Genetics and Pathogens

The Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) Serotype was present in most who were tested. The HLA-DR15 mutation was found in those most seriously affected. Those with HLA-DR15 appeared acutely sensitive to mold, and exposure would cause a re-emergence of debilitating symptoms.

Genetics and Transsulfuration

Many tested positive for the CBS Gene, and were not able to properly process sulfur. The Cystathionine Beta-Synthase gene, especially the CBS 699t genetic mutation, appeared to be causing a life-threatening cascade of events in these patients, and we observed the following sulfur-related symptoms:

·        Low Glutathione - Sulfur is required for Glutathione synthesis. ALL who were tested had low glutathione levels.

·        Connective Tissue Disorders - Sulfur is responsible for Collagen Synthesis, and lack of sulfur leads to poor tissue (skin) structure and strength.

·        Inflammation - low sulfur can lead to the progression of inflammation and degenerative disorders

Note: Medical Practitioners should be aware that an infant or toddler who screams for prolonged periods, or any child who bangs their head, may actually be signaling that they are experiencing a breakdown in the TRANSSULFURATION Pathway (CBS Gene). When sulfur is not properly metabolized, EXCRUCIATING HEAD PRESSURE may result when sulfites enter the brain and produce acute pain. You should always be on guard that a migraine may be a warning sign of a CBS Gene mutation, especially CBS 699t.

Sulfur-related sustained inflammation, especially involving inflamed glial cells in the brain,  may affect nearby Oligodendrocytes, which may then inhibit myelin production, and result in demyelinating disorders, such as Multiple Sclerosis.

Medical practitioners and caregivers, including parents with the best intentions, may do more harm by attempting to treat symptoms of impaired transsulfuration. An example is totally removing dietary fruits and vegetables necessary for the prevention of damage caused by oxidative stress, in an attempt to lower oxalates, instead of taking measures to improve transsulfuration.

Interstitial Cystitis

A significant number of female subjects developed Interstitial Cystitis, including many months after they appeared to be feeling better. We suspect, but cannot confirm, that the failure of the transsulfuration cycle may have contributed to this condition.

Histamine Intolerance and Sustained Inflammation

We have observed that the majority of subjects developed a Histamine Intolerance, which resulted in self-sustained inflammation.  This Histamine Intolerance was not present prior to the Gardasil HPV vaccine, nor was any indication of Mastocytosis. 

We took note of the extensive research done by Husheng Li et al., at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, into how aluminum vaccine adjuvants activate caspase-1 and induce IL-1beta and IL-18 release.  We hypothesize that the release of IL-1beta and Interleukin-18 (and possibly other pro-inflammatory cytokines), may have inflamed the gut and caused a breakdown of the mucosal lining. This appears to have allowed immune cells in the lining of the gut to come into contact with food proteins as they traveled through the gut. The immune cells appear to have made antibodies to some foods, and when these foods were again eaten at a later date, the immune system appeared to treat these food proteins as allergens, and trigger mast cells to produce histamine.  We observed that the majority of these children and adults felt lightheaded upon standing.  We hypothesize that the elevated histamine, caused by this newly acquired histamine intolerance, dilated blood vessels, and significantly lowered blood pressure to the brain.  We further hypothesize that this may be the cause, or a contributing factor to Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS).

We observed that this newly formed histamine intolerance and resulting self-sustaining inflammation did not subside until foods containing moderate to high amounts of histamine were removed from the diet. We observed that Low Dose Naltrexone was beneficial for this condition, and it also helped relieve insomnia.


Insomnia was present in the majority of the subjects.  We attribute this to the pineal gland possibly being inhibited by cortisol as a result of inflammation, including inflammation associated with the newly acquired histamine intolerance.

Pathogens and Body Burden

(a) Enteroviruses

The most common enterovirus we observed was Epstein Barr Virus (EBV).  EBV can act as an incubator for other pathogens and infect fast-growing cytokines when inflammation is present. A previous history of Mononucleosis (Glandular Fever) was virtually a 100% predictor of a life-threatening adverse reaction to the Gardasil HPV vaccine, and similar results were observed among families of autistic children.

Only one out of approximately 100 families observed or interviewed was eventually diagnosed with Chronic Active Epstein Barr (CAEBV)

(b) Parasites

Vector borne pathogens such as Bartonella, Borrelia Burgdorferi (Lyme Disease), Mycoplasma Pneumoniae, Babesia, and FL1953 (Protomyxzoa Rheumatica), were the most commonly observed pathogens. Several of these would typically be found together in the children who were tested. Bartonella was never found alone.

Note: NK-CD57 counts typically ranged between 8 and 51, with the majority falling at or below 22.

(c) Bacteria

A history of Mycoplasma/Mycoplasma Pneumoniae, Acne Vulgaris (which can turn Interleukin-10 into Viral Interleukin-10 (vIL10)), and eczema were identified as risk factors for an adverse event. Interleukin-10 is associated with controlling inflammation.


Several girls became pregnant during this four year study, and in each case their symptoms subsided for the length of the pregnancy. We hypothesize that elevated levels of Interleukin-10, released during pregnancy, attenuates inflammation, which is key to this syndrome.


1.     Insult to immune system, typically a vaccination, may cause inflammation

2.     Inflammation triggers the Fight or Flight response

3.     The Fight or Flight response causes magnesium to be excreted

4.     Inhibition of 300 magnesium-dependant cycles

5.     Failure of transsulfuration cycle results in inhibited sulfur-dependant cycles such as those responsible for glutathione, collagen and connective tissue, control of inflammation, etc.

6.     When gene mutations are present, low cycle output may result in a cascade of debilitating or life-threatening events

7.     Dormant pathogens may become virulent




Stop Politicians Seeking Attention:

July 20, 2014 - Many children worldwide suffer from uncontrollable seizures. Pharmaceutical drugs have proven useless in stopping these daily seizures. Cannibinoid oil with THC removed is a potent anti-inflammatory and neuro stabilizer, and has been the only medication to halt these seizures and the resulting brain damage. The MEDICINE WAS ADMINISTERED BY DOCTORS AT A HOSPITAL, AND BROUGHT HOME BY THE PARENTS. The hemp oil used to stop seizures is legal in the United States, and Australian doctors have found it is the only thing that worked for Cooper, the young Australian child.

Australian police and a publicity-seeking politician named Mary Woodridge, who neglected to investigate first, decided that this medicine that stopped the child's seizures was illegal in Australia. POLICE RAIDED THE PARENTS HOUSE AND TOOK THE HOSPITAL-ORDERED SEIZURE MEDICINE.

cooper with menengitis

Here is the story on YouTube:

Please email the woman politician and the police chief that took this child's medicine, and tell them what you think:

DHS - Mary Woodbridge:

Police Commissioner KEN LAY:





More bad news for young girls who have already received the Gardasil HPV vaccine: It has now been confirmed in a peer-reviewed and published Abstract appearing in the prestigious BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL that the HPV vaccine can result in infertility and loss of menses, years AFTER you received the HPV vaccine.
In this particular case, the 16 year old girl received the Gardasil HPV vaccine, and had her whole life ahead of her:

A more recent peer reviewed and published study of 3 more teenage girls suffering extremely early onset menopause because of the Gardasil HPV vaccine was published on July 31,2013, confirming that both Gardasil and Cervarix HPV vaccines have resulted in "Primary Ovarian Failure:"


JAPAN Withdraws Support for HPV Vaccine

14 June 2013: Merck’s Gardasil and GlaxoSmithKline’s Cervarix took a hit as Japan’s  Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare told local governments to suspend their previous recommendation for HPV vaccine administration to the country’s 12 to 16 year old girls:- Click Here for English    Click Here For Japanese   click HPV vaccine spoof from SNL


OMG! What would happen if we couldn't get all our scheduled vaccinations, and only got about a dozen vaccines like CUBA, JAPAN, DENMARK, NORWAY, SWEDEN, FINLAND, or ICELAND????

Vaccines vs. LIFESPAN & Autism 
 ©LWP 2015
Vaccinations before age 5
Deaths per 1000 Live Births
(CIA Factbook)
Deaths per 1000 under 5 yrs old, 2009
Lifespan Ranking
Lifespan Ranking
2012 (wiki)
CUBA 11 4.70 n/a 1 in 60,000 - - 79.4 yrs
Iceland 11 3.15 3.9 1 in 1,100 1 3 83.3 yrs
Sweden 11 2.60 4.0 1 in 862 2 8 83.0 yrs
Japan 11 2.13 4.2 1 in 475 4 1 84.6 yrs
Norway 13 2.48 4.4 1 in 2,000 5 13 81.9 yrs
Denmark 12 4.10 5.8 1 in 2,200 18 36 79.5 yrs
United States 36 6.17 7.8 1 in 91  ­ 34 39 ¯ 79.8 yrs­
South Korea 36 3.93 n/a 1 in 38  - - 81.0 yrs

Americans would be HEALTHIER and LIVE LONGER!


This is a pro-vaccination website, but only if you believe that Merck Pharmaceuticals knows more than God.   Merck, the same company that was found guilty by a U.S. Court for causing 27,000 heart attacks in adults with VIOXX, now brings you the defective GARDASIL HPV Vaccine for your child.
Your daughter can acquire Cervical Cancer or a rare autoimmune disease, go into menopause at 16, or die (click).  These vaccine affects everyone sooner or later.... even years later..... it's just a matter of time.... and you can't sue them.  click


>>> In 2012, peer reviewed and published research now indicates that aluminum containing vaccines can trigger Crohn's Disease <<< pubmed/22235058



If you're receptive to FACTS, this short documentary is for you, especially if you take flu shots:



Deliberately Keeping People Sick For PROFIT

Remember stomach ulcers? About 15 years ago, there was a medical symposium in Australia. A young doctor stood up, and started telling his colleagues that almost all ulcers were caused by a bacteria called H-Pylori, which could be cured in 7 days with antibiotics. He was laughed off the stage. A few months later, doctors around the world were giving antibiotics to their ulcer patients, and 0.00 dollar a month antacids for ulcers started selling for.95 and were now labeled "OTC," which stood for over the counter, instead of prescription only.
Today we have Bartonella, and drug companies are making huge profits on human suffering, and doing all they can to keep it a secret. Bartonella is as good or better than H-Pylori and ulcers. Bartonella can live in many animals, including cats, mice, dogs, rats, sheep, deer, kangaroos, and much more. Bartonella can cause fatigue, headaches, joint pain, poor short term memory, ADHD, and much more. I personally had an Infectious Disease specialist in my home town, tell me I had to travel to Peru to catch it, but a recent study showed that 95% of fleas from rats caught in Downtown Los Angeles California, USA, were positive for Bartonella DNA!!! Bartonella has also been shown to make Breast Cancer more aggressive, and spread cancer all over a woman's body. All of these things are caused by Bartonella, and because medications and doctors are making huge profits, especially Oncology (field of medicine that treats cancer), a Billion dollar a year industry, Bartonella will remain a deep, dark, secret, and doctor$ will continue to $ay it doe$n't exi$t. 

2013 German Peer-Reviewed and Published medical study shows children get Measles from their own vaccination.



If you were vaccinated against Whooping Cough (Pertussis), your chances of becoming a Pertussis carrier, and actually catching Whooping Cough is 900% greater than if you had NOT been vaccinated, and still had all your natural immunities.  NON-Vaccinated children acquire a virtually life-long immunity to many diseases, and generally require fewer doctor's visits.  Non-vaccinated children need fewer visits to doctor's offices and hospitals, which means lost revenue for the medical profession and drug companies.

This alone, is a reason for the American Academy of Pediatrics to support mandating vaccines for everyone.  the American Academy of Pediatrics is a labor organization of 60,000 doctors that was founded to increase their income.  The primary way of increasing their income is to replace God-given long-term immunities with man-made, short-term immunities, that need to be re-charged by lucrative vaccines and doctor's visits.  The result of all of this is the Whooping Cough Epidemic  now hitting Vermont: 

Go to your local TOWN MEETING, and demand that freshly vaccinated children be quarantined, and comply with laws governing the spread of infectious diseases, by keeping them at home for the 21 days that the CDC says they are contagious.
Vaccinated children are spreading communicable diseases, and the CDC has been keeping this quiet for years. The Polio Virus is just one disease that is being kept alive and well in a significant number of vaccinated children and adults. Viruses from the vaccines are being found in these people, not just for the 21 day shedding period, but YEARS later, when they "shed" (transfer) these communicable diseases to an unsuspecting American public.
When the CDC found some UN-vaccinated kids with Polio, they were ready to start advertising campaigns and attacking their parents. The whole affair was quickly and quietly ended when the CDC found that these kids contracted the unique proprietary strain of Polio virus found only in vaccines, and could have only been transferred to these kids from vaccinated children and adults, BUT THESE PEOPLE WERE PASSING ON POLIO INFECTIONS TO OTHER PEOPLE YEARS AFTER THEIR "VACCINATIONS."
Nobody at the CDC wanted parents to know that vaccinated children and adults can be walking time bombs, and can pass on a Polio virus that is transmissible through their body fluids and poop.
The most dangerous thing on this planet is a freshly vaccinated child that blatantly endangers the lives of others by potentially spreading a communicable disease at a public mall or movie theater, or by using public transportation (bus, plane, etc.), or goes to a public school, or even poops in a municipal sewer system. This made headlines in Europe. All parents need to get tough and go to Town Meetings and demand that vaccinated children be quarantined in their homes for the 21 days that the CDC says children "shed" after vaccination. The parents of these children should not be allowed to place the body wastes of their vaccinated children in public sewer systems, as it is a violation of state, federal, and municipal law for someone to knowingly "dump" (pun intended) hazardous waste, or spread a communicable disease. Parents and children are also in violation of existing laws when they allow freshly vaccinated in public places, as they can potentially spread communicable infectious diseases.
>>> Demand that vaccinated children in your community be QUARANTINED for the full 21 days they are CONTAGIOUS, in accordance with LAWS protecting the public against communicable diseases. <<<

 Children vaccinated with the MMR vaccine are CONTAGEOUS, and are responsible for spreading SHINGLES to older adults, causing painful lesions.  The answer from the drug companies is to have senior citizens vaccinated against the SHINGLES epidemic they caused, and have the MEDICARE pay for it.


It may be necessary to file a lawsuit against your town to enforce your family's right to live free from the threat of disease spread by contagious, vaccinated children.


Corner Hides Teen's Death from HPV Vaccine "For The Better Good"

New Zealand Pathologist, Dr. John Rutherford, reportedly stated that he hid the cause of death of a teenage girl to prevent scaring parents away from the Gardasil HPV vaccine. The Gardasil HPV Vaccine is made by MERCK, who hopes to make huge profits to make up for lawsuits from VIOXX, a drug that was found to have caused 27,000 heart attacks in a court of law. 
18 year old Jasmine Renata was found dead by her mother.  The teenager had just received the last of three doses of the Gardasil HPV vaccine that sells for about 0.00 USD, and is made by injecting virus proteins of Sexually Transmitted Diseases viruses that are grown in mold, into the arm of children.  If a child has an allergy or other inflammatory condition that results in a histamine release, the histamine in the blood (released by eosinophils and mast cells) will cause the blood brain barrier to open.  This allows the vaccine with the STD proteins "glued" to aluminum hydroxide, to enter the brain, and cause the brain to become inflamed and swollen. 

Doctors are no longer required to check if they are putting their patients life at risk by injecting a vaccine directly into a blood vessel.  The previous requirement to pull back on a syringe to make sure they have not hit a blood vessel (called aspiration), has been removed by the FDA, and the public doesn't know that most pediatricians work blindly, and possibly injecting a vaccine directly into the bloodstream, which can result in inflammation all over the body (systemic), including the brain.   

Separate tests were performed by Neuroscience Professor Christopher Shaw (University of Columbia, Vancouver, Canada)  on brain tissue from Jasmine Renata, and sure enough, the unique, one-of-a-kind HPV-16 L1 protein from the Gardasil HPV vaccine, was found inside the teenager's brain, still attached to the inflammation-causing aluminum adjuvant.  The widespread finding of inflammation-causing aluminum and pieces of STD viruses in parts of the body where no shot was intended to go, shows the unpredictability of the HPV Gardasil HPV vaccine. 
The fact that the official coroner found the HPV 16 virus in her brain, appears to make the person who administered the shot responsible for the death of this teen because the pediatrician injected a Sexually Transmitted Disease that went into  and caused damage to the brain of a teenage girl.   When a strong inflammatory reaction is caused by the Aluminum Hydroxide adjuvant in the Gardasil vaccine, magnesium (an electrolyte) may plummet, and this can result in a potassium deficiency that affects heart rhythm and other body functions.  Potassium cannot be properly restored until the magnesium deficiency is corrected.  ( ).   In either case, the coroner appears to be suppressing evidence, and submitting false and/or incomplete  documentation in official proceedings.   


Vaccines 2009 Autism    2011 Vaccinations before age 5
Deaths per 1000 under 5 yrs old, 2009 Autism Rate in 2011 Lifespan Ranking
Lifespan Ranking
Iceland 11 3.9 1 in 1,1000 1 3
Sweden 11 4.0 1 in 862 2 8
Japan 11 4.2 1 in 475 4 1
Norway 13 4.4 1 in 2,000 5 13
Denmark 12 5.8 1 in 2,200 18 36
United States 36 7.8 1 in 91  ­ 34 39 ¯
South Korea 36 n/a 1 in 38  - -



Our official position:  Current intramuscular vaccines are not safe, based on the following Published Medical Studies and Court Documents:

1). Parts of the IMMUNE SYSTEM and HOW THEY WORK are still being discovered.  The TH17 IMMUNE SYSTEM (which is only understood by a very few doctors and researchers), responds acutely to filamentous bacteria and fungus, and plays a key role in autoimmune disease.  If inflammation-producing vaccines are administered when the TH17 Immune System has been activated, extreme oxidative stress may occur, IL17 cytokines (hormones) may actually act as incubators for pathogens, resulting in cascades of uncontrolled inflammation which can signal dormant viruses to become virulent, and result in additional cascades of inflammation that may inflame the gut (IL18), brain, and central nervous system, resulting in AUTISM, especially if a Glutathione S-Transferase Deficiency  is present.  Understanding of how the TH17 Immune System works was largely discovered in 2009, scientifically proving that there were unknown immune responses to vaccines that drug companies didn't know anything about, and were never tested for.  This applies to ALL the vaccines on the market in 2012  (reference). 

2). Many viruses for vaccines are grown in a fungus.  Many girls have toxic-shock reactions to the Gardasil HPV vaccine, whose dangerous L1 Outer Surface Proteins are grown in a fungus.  Most parents would be very angry if they knew their daughters and sons were being injected with fungal toxins, just because it is a cheap way for a drug company to make viruses multiply.  The FDA found this to be "safe," but I don't know any FDA employee who has received the Gardasil HPV vaccine.

3).  Research on the Autism-MMR Link was found to be falsified by the U.S. Department Of Justice in 2011:  The U.  S. Department Of Justice is currently prosecuting the researcher who provided data to the CDC on the MMR - AUTISM Connection (reference).  The Department Of Justice found that the study was fabricated, and the man receiving the CDC grant money spent,000,000.00 on a house and a Harley motorcycle instead.  The CDC used this fabricated data to make blanket statements that vaccines are safe.  Based on this data, South Korea mass-vaccinated its population with the MMR vaccine.  The result is that measles was virtually eliminated (reference), but 1 in 38 children now have AUTISM traits in 2011 (reference).  Other drug safety claims, especially for Johnson & Johnson's RISPERDAL, have also proven to be falsified in a court of law (reference).  It should also be noted that PRO-Vaccine groups blindly continue to cite the fabricated Poul Thorsen/Denmark Study, and claim vaccines do not cause autism.  Interestingly, autism has been listed as a side effect for the DTaP vaccine, TRIPEDIA, since 2005 (reference - special note: adverse effects are listed on PAGE 11 of this vaccine insert)

4).  In Australia, vaccine maker CSL is under prosecution for knowingly providing false and misleading safety information about their FluVax vaccine, which has caused seizures in 1 in every 100 children (refernce).

5).  Based on the undeniable and incontrovertible facts in items 1 and 2 (above), statements made by the Institute Of Medicine (IOM) that vaccine adverse effects are "rare," and that vaccines are "safe," plus the further statement denying any link between autism and the MMR vaccine after the 1 in 38 South Korea - MMR incident, followed by the disclosure that the CDC's MMR-Autism link studies were fabricated, statements made by the IOM now appear to be both FALSE and MISLEADING, and reduces the credibility of the IOM and CDC to ashes (reference- IOM statement).

6).  There is a different immunity that is conferred through the the use of an aluminum hydroxide adjuvant in an intramuscular vaccine, as described in this sensitization study, which involves the different reactions in the TH2 and TH17 immune systems  (reference).  Note: The TH17 immune system was only discovered about 10 years ago, and most doctors do not know about, and have not kept abreast of this phase of the immune system that is so heavily associated with autoimmunity.

7).  We are human, and many of us do not have the "ideal" immune system that inflammation-causing intramuscular vaccines were designed for.  Humans have unpredictable genetic variants and polymorphisms.  In one study, 59.6% of the people had a Glutathione S-Transferase Deficiency, caused by a GSTM-1 genetic variant (reference).  This means they typically don't clear toxins well, and may be more susceptible to disease (reference).  In addition, many consumer health and beauty products are labeled "safe," simply because they killed less than 50% of the test animals.  We humans take in, or are exposed to toxic chemicals daily, which may accumulate in our bodies, and may adversely affect our immune and reproductive systems (reference)

8).  Just as stress mediated dysregulation may result in neuronal apoptosis in the hippocampus (reference), cognitive impairment, as seen in ASD, may be the result of severe nutritional dysregulation, including deficiencies resulting from malabsorption, which may be caused by uncontrolled or chronic gut, brain, and other organ inflammation, initiated by the aluminum hydroxide adjuvant in a vaccine, resulting in the release of Interleukin 1b, IL18, and other pro-inflammatory cytokines  (reference1) (reference2) (reference3) (reference4) (reference5) (reference6) (reference7) (reference8) (reference9, which may ultimately result in chronic or systemic inflammation that fails to self-limit. These cognitive impairments may also be the result of viral interference, such as found in PANDAS.  A third possibility is a combination of the two, both of which may dysregulate methylation.  Genes that regulate chromatin structure and function, such as MECP2 and other methyl-CpG-binding proteins, the histone deacetylase HDAC4, the histone H3 lysine 9 (H3K9)–specific methyltransferase EHMT1/KMT1D/GLP, and the H3K4 demethylase JARID1C/KDM5C/SMCX (reference), are now prime suspects.  Likewise for CDH10 T2, at Chromosome 5, which is associated with neuronal cell adhesion molecule development.  In particular, H3K4me3 appears to be particularly important for neuronal health because neuronal differentiation is dependent on H3K4 trimethylation, which is mediated by the mixed-lineage leukemia (MLL) methyltransferase and transcriptional activation of RE-1 silencing transcription factor (REST) sensitive genes. (reference1)   (reference2)  In addition,  hippocampal learning and memory require MLL1 -mediated H3K4 trimethylation at growth and plasticity-regulating genes. (reference1)  (reference2), which may be further affected by elevated cortisol, resulting from chronic inflammation. Elevated cortisol has been found to inhibit development of neurons in the hippocampus.  Elevated histamine, from overly sensitized or overly active eosinophils and /or mast cells (reference), may also disrupt critical balances involved in H3K4 trimethylation.  H3K4 dimethylase is but one chemical in the brain.

9).  "SEMA3B" is sometimes used interchangeably with "SEMA5" in conjunction with cone guidance in the developing axon or neuron, but SEMA3B is the term specifically to describe the ability of this semaphorin to REPEL growth of AXONS, and PREVENT THE RE-GROWTH OF AXONS AFTER INJURY (reference).  SEMA3 also inhibits angiogenesis in tumors (SEMA3F) (reference).  With this semaphorin inhibitory mechanism in mind, we hypothesize that a significant number of cases of ASD may be the result of a signaling mechanisms caused by chronic or systemic inflammation, initiated by a vaccine and its adjuvant, with or without reacting with a pathogen already present in the body, which might ultimately signal SEMA3B and other mechanism that may negatively affect axon/neuronal cone development and/or guidance in the brain, in a similar manner that SEMA3B is signaled to negatively affect tumor proliferation in lung cancer. 

Summation:  Current intramuscular vaccines and their adjuvants may produce an inflammatory response which fails to self-limit, triggering a cascade of potentially debilitating events.  This chronic /systemic inflammation may eventually trigger /activate glial cells, which may then result in the expression of SEMA3B/SEMA5A and /or related semaphorins/factors, which may then negatively impact the growth and guidance of developing axons, and may further prevent their re-growth after injury, resulting in what we presently call AUTISM.

Autism rates are now increasing almost exponentially in proportion to vaccinations.  Copyright© 2012 by Lloyd W. Phillips, as a work in progress.


CDC Reports Pertussis (DPT) Vaccine Can Cause Sporadic Life-Long Flu-like Infections of Pertussis that can be spread to others.  This means people vaccinated prior to the DTaP vaccine in 2002, can be carriers of Pertussis!!!!  This proves that Vaccine manufacturers don't know what they're doing!!!!

In 2000, the CDC reported that the PERTUSSIS VACCINE allowed FULLY VACCINATED children to become CARRIERS OF PERTUSSIS on exposure to Pertussis, yet show LITTLE OR NO SYMPTOMS.  This phenomenon was documented in cases at daycare centers in Israel.  The CDC further reported that the vaccine CAUSED CHILDREN TO BECOME CARRIERS OF PERTUSSIS (WHOOPING COUGH)  The CDC then stated that children vaccinated for Pertussis lost natural immunities against Pertussis, and experienced mild bouts of Pertussis for the rest of their lives, which resembled the FLU, which sometimes lasted many months in adults.

"...Since the introduction of routine childhood vaccine, pertussis has been considered preventable, and pertussis-associated illness and deaths are uncommon (2). However, vaccine-induced immunity wanes after 5 to 10 years, making the vaccinated host vulnerable to infection (3). This susceptibility has been described in outbreaks of pertussis infection in highly vaccinated populations (3-6).

A recent study by Yaari et al. showed that infection in a vaccinated person causes milder, nonspecific disease, without the three classical clinical stages (7). Whooping cough is seen in only 6% of such cases; instead, the illness is characterized by a nonspecific, prolonged cough, lasting several weeks to months. Because of these atypical symptoms, pertussis infection is underdiagnosed in adults and adolescents, who may be reservoirs for infection of unvaccinated infants (8-10). In a study in France, up to 80% of infections in unvaccinated children were acquired from siblings and parents, suggesting that adults and even young siblings play a fundamental role in the transmission of pertussis (11)...."


  1. Cherry JD. The epidemiology of pertussis and pertussis immunization in the United Kingdom and the United States: a comparative study. Curr Probl Pediatr. 1984;14:1–78. DOIExternal Web Site IconPubMedExternal Web Site Icon
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Vaccine Manufacturers Protected,
Parents Screwed


Is Fluoride Safe?



In Israel, the DEFECTIVE Pertussis Vaccine did even more damage.  In 1984 there were 7 cases of Pertussis, but after mass vaccinations with combination DTaP Vaccines, Pertussis (whooping cough) is at epidemic proportions, with over 1.200 cases reported in 2010,  about 170 times more than 1984.





When Hundreds of Thousands of Children develop Autism because of vaccines, and thousands more die of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), the United States Government  has members that invested MILLIONS OF DOLLAR$ in drug companies, like John McCain, whose wife was confirmed to own Million Dollars worth of drug-company stock.  Thwe U.S. Government then protects drug manufacturers from lawsuits. 


When 10s of thousands of chickens died, there was an immediate investigation into the vaccines they were given.  Scientists found that the viruses in the vaccines had mixed together and formed SUPERBUGS that killed the chickens.  Farmers are now suing the vaccine manufacturers over their sick and dying chickens, but these same companies can kill and mame humans in the United States, and they are protected by law.  More ironic is the fact that these vaccines are mandated by law. 



Pediatricians are licensed MERCHANTS,
whose primary products are VACCINES for infants who can't yet speak,
made by companies that produced products that have killed tens of thousands of adults,
such as VIOXX, that was found to have caused at least 27,000 heart attacks in a court of law.

Most pediatricians belong to a labor organization called The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), whose stated goal is to increase the income of its 60,000 members by recommending an ever increasing number of yearly vaccinations.  A pediatrician is a merchant, whose primary products are vaccines.  Just like Microsoft WINDOWS, these vaccine products are not compatible with all users because of different instruction sets in their processors (genes), and timing mismatches (immune responses), and many CRASH into AUTISM.  There are about 10,000,000 different types of Natural Killer (NK) cells in a fetus prior to birth, and about 95% are discarded prior to birth.  A single vaccine increases the activity of all NK and T-Cells, with no guarantee that the resulting activity and inflammation will self-limit.  Inflammation results in the release of cortisol that calms inflammation, but kills neurons in the hippocampus in the brain, and decreases short-term memory (the beginning of autism).

A healthy human is worth nothing to a doctor or hospital, but the parent of a sick child will mortgage their home and sell their car to pay for drugs, doctors, and hospitals to keep their child alive.  Therefore, the most profitable scenario for the medical profession is to maintain human life with drugs, but never totally cure the patients in their care.



CLASS ACTION Lawsuit Against MERCK Pharmaceuticals for spreading MUMPS:
Defective MUMPS Vaccine

Non-vaccinated kids used as decoys by MERCK to hide another defective vaccine that didn't work!




Scientists prove that the antibodies from vaccinations ARE NOT NEEDED.
To prove this, scientists from HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL, M.I.T., MASSECHUSSETES GENEERAL, SAN RAFAELE INSTITUTE (Italy), and other institutes, co-authored and published on how they removed all antibodies from mice, leaving only B-Cells, which successfully fought off lethal viruses.  This debunks vaccine manufacturers who say that vaccines are necessary to convey immunity.  This suggests that repeated vaccinations could be the reason why some vaccinated people lose their natural immunities, as their body tends to unnaturally rely on temporary, antibody-based immunities.
Immunity  2012 Mar 23; 36(3): 415-426:





14 year old girls are showing up at doctors offices with lesions and other abnormal PAP smears after receiving the Gardasil HPV vaccine that is advertised to prevent cancer.  Other girls are as young as 11.  This is not just a 5% increase, it is a 100% increase in the 14 yr olds from the previous year!  Gardasil for children is made by MERCK, who also made VIOXX, which caused heart attacks in 27,000 adults.



June 21, 2012: "Safe" FLU vaccine responsible for seizures in 1 out of 100 children in Australia



Vaccine Safety Problems Found in 76% of Vaccinating Pediatric Facilities

REUTERS, June 6, 2012:  The Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services, plus the CDC, acknowledge that an estimated 76% of the American vaccine supply has been found to be outdated and/or stored at temperatures that could render the vaccines ineffective.  Seasonal Flu Vaccines topped the list.  Not one of the facilities were in compliance with the rules regarding paperwork.   CDC Press Release


Pakistan Children get POLIO from U.S. backed Vaccine

POLIO rates have doubled in Pakistan, and vaccinated children are spreading live POLIO Virus to other villagers through poop and other body fluids.  A kiss from a vaccinated child can be the kiss of death.  Almost 80% of these kids have been vaccinated with live virus vaccines backed by the U.S. and the United Nations.  The virus is injected into one animal, removed, then injected into another, then another, and so on.  Each time, and with every animal, the virus is suppose to become weaker, BUT it is possible that a genetic mutation can occur, which can eventually maim or kill the human child who will eventually receive the vaccine. 




MMR Vaccine - Autism Studies Never Took Place: Data was falsified.. 
U. S. Justice Department Prosecutes MMR Vaccine Researcher For FRAUD

The man responsible for alleging that there is no connection between the MMR vaccine and Autism has been indicted on fraud charges by the United States Department of Justice.  Instead of using the CDC grant money for the MMR - Autism research, he bought a new house and a Harley motorcycle instead:


INFANT gets CANCER from the GARASIL HPV vaccine

SANEVAX  is the name of a vaccine safety group that covertly acquired 13 vials of GARDASIL, the controversial HPV vaccine made by MERCK Pharmaceuticals.  The 13 vials of the Gardasil HPV vaccine were then individually tested by a private lab.  All 13 samples were found to be contaminated with various strains of Human Papiloma Virus, the same virus strains that MERCK says causes cancer.   We now have proof that the vaccine can cause cancer, because the tainted vaccine was accidentally given to an infant.  The child was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer less than 24 months later, traceable to the Gardasil HPV vaccine. 

Chase Topperwien has been given four rounds of chemotherapy, and is now awaiting a bone marrow transplant.  The viruses in the tainted GARDASIL HPV  Vaccine appeared to overwhelm this child's little body with cancer-causing viruses, which has also been the case for many teen and pre-teen girls and boys with allergies, many paying with their life because of MERCK Pharmaceutical's tainted vaccines and greed for profits.  MERCK is heavily pushing the Gardasil HPV vaccine for children, to make up for losses caused by another of their defective products, VIOXX, which caused 27,000 heart attacks, according to Court Documents.  click here  and  Facebook



Bill Gates just gave an.3 million grant to develop GMO Designer Humans.   By simply altering, deleting, or adding certain gut bacteria (genes) and fungi, corporations can create “Designer Human Consumers” in the near future, and Bill Gates wants to do just that, starting by “spiking” the milk that a toddler drinks. Gates and corporations he licenses, could potentially make a human short, tall, smart, dumb, submissive, aggressive, autistic, savant, healthy, or constantly in need of pharmaceutal drugs, or depend on WINDOWS computer based assistance for the rest of their life.

Worst of all, Gates could potentially control how long you live. In the near future, human development can potentially be dictated by corporate America, through the Bill & Malinda Gates Foundation and their.3 U.C. Davis grant.


Vaccines Made from Monkey Poop to be put in your child

Proposed new cross-species vaccines will be made from viruses and bacteria found in chimpanzee poop  (Hepatitis C) or spleens.  Unfortunately, SV40 is a cancer causing virus that has been detected, and may be put into you child "for the greater good." click here

Researchers also allege that chimps who throw their poop are more intelligent. 



DTaP Vaccine Manufacturers Responsible for PERTUSSIS OUTBREAK

Vaccine Manufacturers are telling the CDC that unvaccinated children are responsible for outbreaks of Pertussis.  The truth is that they knew, over 10 years ago, that the DTaP vaccine was virtually worthless against an increasing genotype of B. Pertussis that is responsible for about 84% of all new Pertussis cases.

In a similar made-up scare in 1982, Maryland State health officials blamed a Pertussis "epidemic" on a television program, "DPT: Vaccine Roulette", which warned of the risks from the DPT vaccine. However, when Dr. J. Anthony Morris, former chief virologist for the U.S. Division of Biological Standards had analyzed the 41 cases, only 5 were confirmed cases of Pertussis, and all 5 had been vaccinated against the disease. [Trevor Gunn, "Mass Immunization: A Point in Question", p 15 (E.D. Hume, Pasteur Exposed-The False Foundations of Modern Medicine, Bookreal, Australia, 1989.)]  source

In other cases, outright lies are being told to sell vaccines, especially about Polio.  Many medical professional question whether the SALK Polio Vaccine did more harm than good.  Today's 14% increase in lung cancer in non-smokers has been traced to the Simian 40 virus, harbored by the monkeys used to grow the Polio virus for the Polio vaccine.  The definition (diagnostic criteria) for POLIO was changed in 1954, which coincided with the mass Polio vaccinations. The number of Polio cases would have automatically decreased, even if no vaccines were given, simply because of the new definition of Polio.



The CDC has found 1,075 different and unique influenza viruses, collected by U.S. laboratories since October 1, 2004:

It is pure fraud and black magic for the the CDC to state that one flu shot each year will protect the U.S. population.

> 11 influenza A (H1N1) viruses,
> 709 influenza A(H3N2) viruses, and
> 355 influenza B viruses.


Here are some reasons you should have your healthy child vaccinated:

  • POLIO cases doubled to 128 in Africa, following vaccination...more

  • MUMPS cases Rose from 17 in 2003, to over 4000 at present, in Israel, following MMR vaccine

  • South Korea is free of Measles after mass MMR vaccinations, BUT 1 in 38 Children now have Autism!


An increasing number of well-educated parents are quickly learning that vaccines remove natural immunities that can last a lifetime (such as naturally occurring chicken pox), and replace their child's natural immunities with a temporary immunity that only lasts from several months to a few years.  Without taking boosters for the rest of their lives, uninformed parents, who blindly follow the American Academy of Pediatrics and the FDA, are sentencing their children to increased risks of serious complications or death, if their children are later exposed to those diseases and their mutations as adults.  In just one short year (2004-2005), the PREVNAR vaccine caused a 35% increase in outbreaks of the mutant A19 virus strain in vaccinated children, who then spread the drug-resistant disease to the elderly, in what some are calling a form of "population control."  Natural immunities, but not vaccinations, can last a lifetime.  click here

WHO is behind the vaccine movement? click here



American children are vaccinated at the worst possible time for autism.  TEETHING releases histamine, which opens the BLOOD BRAIN BARRER.  If the first-born child is a male, and is one of the 59.6% of the population who has a genetic Glutathione S-Transferase Deficiency, it guarantees a HIGH probability of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  PHILLIPS OFFIT WAKEFIELD Syndrome



OMG! What would happen if we couldn't get all our scheduled vaccinations, and only got about a dozen vaccines like JAPAN, DENMARK, NORWAY, SWEDEN, GERMANY, FINLAND, or ICELAND????

Vaccines 2009 Autism    2011 Vaccinations before age 5
Deaths per 1000 under 5 yrs old, 2009 Autism Rate in 2011 Lifespan Ranking
Lifespan Ranking
Iceland 11 3.9 1 in 1,1000 1 3
Sweden 11 4.0 1 in 862 2 8
Japan 11 4.2 1 in 475 4 1
Norway 13 4.4 1 in 2,000 5 13
Denmark 12 5.8 1 in 2,200 18 36
United States 36 7.8 1 in 91  ­ 34 39 ¯
South Korea 36 n/a 1 in 38  - -

Americans would be HEALTHIER and LIVE LONGER!


Next time you meet an overbearing pro-vax doctor or other person who won't leave you alone, ask them if they are PRO-LIFE.

If they are Pro Life, tell them you don't believe in injecting vaccines that use aborted fetal tissue, called "HUMAN DIPLOID TISSUE CULTURES" (aka MRC-5 od WI-38) into your child. The Polio, Hep A, MMR, Vericella (Chicken Pox), etc., are some of the vaccines made from aborted fetal tissue.


FACT:  U.S. Lifespan continues to decline, primarily due to a cancer-causing monkey virus that infected 98,000,000 Americans in contaminated Polio Vaccines, 60 years ago.

Just like HPV-16 causes cervical cancer, the Simian Virus 40 (SV-40) monkey virus that contaminated virtually all Polio vaccines in the late 1950s and early 1960s, has infected 98,000,000 million Americans with a cancer causing monkey virus.  Despite what the U.S. Government has told Americans that tests were "inconclusive" (click here), peer reviewed and published research has now confirmed the T-Ag gene of SV40 that contaminated the Polio Vaccine, is causing a 14.1% increase in cancers in 2011, including lung cancer:

Even though the U.S. Government was notified of the contamination years earlier, the contaminated vaccine was still distributed to American Citizens for "the greater good," and to prevent loss of profits to vaccine manufacturers.


Merck Recalls 1.2 Million Doses of HIB and HIB/Hep B Vaccines Due to Contamination

This week Merck announced a recall of over a million doses of their PedVaxHIB brand of HIB vaccine that protects against a now rare form of infant meningitis as well as their ComVax brand of HIB/Hepatitis B combination vaccine. Routine testing of their manufacturing facility found some equipment was contaminated with a bacterium called Bacillus Cereus

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