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Epididymitis cipro

After 10 years of PVPS and seeing numerous doctors in Europe and the US, I had a Bi lateral epididyectomy just a month ago.
My main issue with the PVPS pain was the inability to take pain killers due to medication for Fibro-Myalgia.
So the epidiyectomy, at 4 weeks past the proceedure I have one very large odd shaped testicle that I cannot feel any affect only the pressure of squeezing, nothing else and a left one that is normal size, feels pointy and sharp at the top and bottom and hurts like a B&)h. Still cant walk far, lift, stand sit etc. Pain in the stomach, pain in the upper thigh, pain in the back.
On revisiting epididymitis cipro the doc he says this is normal and could take 2 months, I'm not sure. The reoccurent swelling, has no pattern, sparoid tesicular bruising makes me think that, something is not right.
This was not explained prior to surgery, nor was the possible complication prior to the vasectomy, shouldnt have expected it.
The prognosis is supposedly normal, but I dont feel like it is.
Would I recommend it or let a surgeon near my nuts again... definatley not! unless there is a definate solution. From my experience which admittedly is subjective, ask loads of questions, feel comfortable that the doc will support your recovery and make sure he/she has done it before and can give testimony if possible.


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